A Day In May – writing a “non-orchestral” film score

Having spent the last year or so delving deeper into the realms of synthesis and electronic music, it felt almost impossible not to move away from the classic orchestral scores for Monkey Dribble Films’ latest feature, A Day in May (currently in post production). Of course, it would take a great deal of work to get me to score a movie without any string parts at all, so I present to you a not-so-unfamiliar fusion of genres. For decades, electronic music has heavily incorporated orchestral sections of all sizes into their studio mixes. The difference here is that I work primarily on the acoustic and instrumental side of things, and the “electronica” is then added to the mix later on, rather than the other way around. For 4 more tracks from the A Day In May soundtrack, click here

THE HUNT – First composition of 2017

It’s 2017 and the time has come to turn to the next page, or start a new chapter, depending on whether you consider yourself a reader or writer, or both. Whatever it is that you do for life or leisure, variety is essential to everyone. I am fortunate enough to still be at an age where I can potentially justify making significant life decisions (providing my wife is game), yet I know so many people, some even at my age, who feel cornered by their careers, unemployment, habitual behaviours, surroundings, finances, responsibilities, etc… Not everyone has the freedom or resources to pack it up and travel the world for a year.

However, I do believe that the majority of people in this western world who complain about the banality of their 9 to 5 are mostly responsible for their own tedium. We’re either aiming far too low, which can only end with underachieving, or seeking the wrong things entirely, which can be far worse. I don’t consider myself successful professionally, but I do have an idea of where I’d like to be in 10, 20, 30 years time and I enjoy watching myself gradually getting closer to those goals. I may allow my dreams to change over time to suit my interests, but I would never discard them entirely. If you don’t dream, you won’t have anything to reach for. But if you set too tight a deadline, unless you get a kick from working under pressure, you’ll burn out and be disappointed. Take it one step at a time and make the most of all the mistakes you’ll make along the way.

This piece is my most recent step forward. It’s the result of a few days work. It’s possibly slightly better than the last piece I wrote, or maybe it’s worse! It doesn’t really belong anywhere. It’ll never make me money. It certainly isn’t groundbreaking. It might remain unheard by anyone other than a small group of followers. But every piece I write is pivotal to my journey. I have learned things from this piece that I can take forward to my next work. Sure, I write music professionally, but I am still learning. As soon as I think I’ve stopped learning, I’ll stop writing. There is no end game. In 30 years, once you’ve achieved  all your dreams, start dreaming some more!