Film Music

Andy Willson is a freelance film composer and music producer based in Swansea, UK. Since graduating from Southampton University in 2012, Andy began to establish connections with film makers around Southampton, Portsmouth and Bournemouth, many of whom he continues to work alongside. Within his first year of graduating, he completed the score to the short web-series Elfrida.

In 2014, Andy became increasingly involved in a number of short film projects, including psychological horror After Party (2014) and TV pilot Buccaneers. By 2015, he was working on his first feature length score, MonkeyDribble Films’ My Month with Mrs Potter (pre-festival).  He is currently working on his second feature for the Norton Brothers, A Day In May (post-production).

Originally specialising in fully orchestral scores, Andy has over the last year in particular, significantly widened his niche to embody a fusion of synthesised production in his writing. When briefed to include a short piece of “club music” for the sign off of Ben Grace’s The Not So Best Man (2015), Andy used the opportunity to take a crash course on sound production and expand his knowledge of additive synthesis.


Andy started to learn the violin from the age of 9 and the piano from age 12, which eventually stemmed into a deeply ingrained passion for classical music. Although he gave up on piano lessons after a few short years, it remains his favourite instrument for composing. During his teenage years, he taught himself to write and play popular music on guitar, as well as picking up the bass guitar, drums and mandolin. This interest in songwriting for different genres naturally moved him towards a fascination with modern recording and music production for a diversity of instruments.

During some of his own recording projects, in and around his years at Southampton University, Andy discovered the vast world of arranging. It was clear that his knowledge of orchestral recording was far superior to, for example, his ability to record guitar and vocals in a studio. Alongside his passion for composing, he took to producing piano, string and even full orchestral arrangements for his undergrad peers, as well as for many of his own recordings. At the end of 2016, he started to work on a number of arrangements for James Kirby’s 2017 album, “Foreign Land“.